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November 2019

Cloncurry District

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A very rewarding day in the Cloncurry district. We travelled to four farms where our volunteers have been working all week. While the jobs they do are important, over and over again farmers say it’s the conversation, the companionship and friendships developed that have the most impact. A very important weapon in the battle for mental well being in the bush. As one farmer said to me, “I wouldn’t care if they sat on their backside all day as long as they talked to me”. 

Connecting Communities Australia and the RACQ Foundation always try to buy everything locally including food, materials, fuel and of course accommodation. With the grazers suffering, so are towns like Cloncurry.

Cloncurry to Brisbane

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Over the last 3 days I’ve been driving back from Cloncurry to Brisbane. Visiting farmers and talking to Councils in Longreach, Barcaldine and Charleville planning for Connecting Communities Australia Program in 2020. I’ve reflected on the amazing resilient farmers I’ve met and worked with and the communities with businesses closing and running out of water. The nation needs to work as one to stand with these people find solutions and look to the future. If you would like to support CCA’s drought resilience program please go to There are great opportunities for business and individuals to support farmers and communities in the bush.

Visit to Western NSW to Connect with Communities

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I’ve just completed a truly enlightening trip to Western NSW. A four hour delay out of Sydney airport was a forerunner to weather conditions across Western NSW as strong winds reduced Sydney Airport’s capacity to one runway.  I was travelling to Dubbo to attend the the Western Support Network Meeting. The group consists of government and non-government rural support agencies discussing issues and ongoing programs assisting communities and farmers in Western NSW through the drought. It was a great opportunity to share Connecting Community Australia’s programs to support rural and remote communities.

In the afternoon I travelled with James Cleaver from the DPI out through Nyngan towards Girilambone. Strong westerly winds were driving a dust storm across the region. These conditions were  really concerning forerunner to summer. That night we stayed with a farming family discussing the drought and the measures farmers are taking to manage the situation. Like everyone they have real concerns if there aren’t any summer rains.

Today was really inspiring as we visited the Gilargambone and Marra Public Schools. Marra holds the honour of being the most isolated school in NSW. I shared with them CCA’s volunteer program to assist these schools. It includes improved facilities, painting, gardening and the building of a bike pump track for the kids. The program ends with an event involving the whole community.

The staff at these schools are truly inspirational and innovative in providing excellent learning environments for their children. CCA is now seeking funding to run these programs.