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Connecting Communities Australia’s (CCA) vision is for stronger and more resilient communities. With the ongoing impact of changing climate and isolation, CCA is committed to connecting and supporting communities.

Our practical help and ongoing connections support communities to adapt to these changes and build resilience. CCA partners with rural, remote, and First Nation communities to promote resilience and recovery in times of need.

We identify community projects that will provide a practical, social, and emotional lift to the community; source resources and skilled volunteer teams; and then deliver programs and measure impact.

CCA’s work includes community projects such as the construction of community meeting places, providing shading over children’s playgrounds, restoration of skateparks, repairing of fences, clearing of firebreaks and re-vegetation to minimise erosion Our Schools Walking Together Program enables CCA to connect with First Nation communities across regional and remote Australia.

The program connects children in regional areas to those in Sydney through an exchange program, and works to open up new opportunities, builds relationships and offer greater understanding of what is possible.


Many communities in Australia lack essential services and infrastructure and face challenges of bushfires, drought, floods and other long-term adverse impacts. Isolation and hardship cause issues of mental health – the services for which are also lacking. We fill the gaps left by one-size-fits-all support programs, responding instead to specific community needs.