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The former Isisford District Hospital functioned as a hospital until 1970 and as a clinic until 2011. The local community campaigned for many years for the old building to be returned to the community after it ceased use. The revival of the old building has been a significant community project – the museum is a tourist attraction for the Longreach region, and the renovations further enhance its role as a community hub. It was also identified that the nearby Longreach Agricultural show was struggling to get enough local volunteers to run the show - an opportunity for our volunteers to fill the gaps.


CCA provided volunteers with appropriate skills set including builders, mechanics, painters and volunteers with appropriate experience.


In Isisford, we are re-painting the heritage-listed / historic old district hospital that now serves as a museum and community meeting place. Following the project completion in Isisford, the team travelled one hour to Longreach, where the volunteers assisted in setting up and helping run the Longreach Agricultural Show.


Follow ups include phone calls, emails and surveys with the community. Identifying the numbers of the community impacted, tasks completed and projects delivered.

“"It was so great to be part of a team working to add value to a community resource. Isisford is very isolated and the community welcomed us and were grateful for the painting being done to restore and maintain their museum hospital. Working alongside a local community gives you more than a sense of satisfaction . You really get to feel the resilience of people living in communities and the challenges that go with being so remote; And the importance if contributing to help these places survive. It puts a heart in community sustainability and all our volunteers felt so proud to contribute. And be part if it. I cannot wait to go back to do the next phase of the project."”

Volunteer - IsisfordAugust 2022