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Schools Walking Together connects schools from regional and remote communities with a significant First Nation cohort to schools in major population centres along the eastern seaboard. The program enables shared experiences, cultural activities and learning opportunities for students from both schools – mobilising hearts and hands for future generations.

Reciprocity is key, with students from both schools travelling to immerse themselves in the culture and education of another school and community. Currently, we are running programs with remote schools in Western NSW and in metropolitan Sydney. We are seeking schools interested in other states to run programs in 2025.

Why do we run the Schools Walking Together Program?

The impact of these social and cultural connections is significant and offers an opportunity for reconciliation between cultures and communities. The program promotes understanding and provides an opportunity for the children’s families, teachers, and other community members to connect. With connection and understanding, anything is possible.

How is the program funded?

Traditionally, the program for city schools is funded by the students’ parents, much like any other school excursion. For regional or remote schools, we will seek funding to cover their costs. This may come from a Foundation, Grant, or other schools. If you are unable to participate in the program, your school could run fundraising events to support the involvement of remote schools in the program.

Key outcomes include:
  • Social and cultural connections

  • Engagement through sports and cultural activities

  • Unique opportunity to spend time in another culture and community

  • Bridging the gap between city and country

‘We are so grateful to the Connected Communities Australia group for giving up their time and skills to come to our small, very remote community to provide their skills. This weekend they will be coming to build a bike track for our children; build shade over our community gardens and paint parts of our school. I believe that they will be connecting with us in the future to do more for our Indigenous Community.’

Annie, PrincipalGoodooga Central School


How can my school get involved?
  1. Register your interest in the 2025 program by contacting us (either for a trip as a self-funded school or a supported trip).
  2. Mobilise your school to raise money for remote or regional schools to participate in Schools Walking Together.