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Schools Walking Together is a student cultural exchange program offering an opportunity for students from Sydney and First Nation students regional and remote NSW to connect through shared experiences, cultural activities and learning. The program facilitates engagement between city and country by immersing the students in a different community.

Key outcomes include:
  • Social and cultural connections

  • Engagement through sports and cultural activities

  • Unique opportunity to spend time in another culture and community.

  • Bridging the gap between city and country

The impact of these social and cultural connections is significant and offers an opportunity for reconciliation between cultures and communities. The program promotes understanding and an opportunity for the children’s families, teachers and other community members to connect. With connection and understanding anything is possible.

‘We are so grateful to the Connected Communities Australia group for giving up their time and skills to come to our small, very remote community to provide their skills. This weekend they will be coming to build a bike track for our children; build shade over our community gardens and paint parts of our school. I believe that they will be connecting with us in the future to do more for our Indigenous Community.’

Annie, PrincipalGoodooga Central School

GOODOOGA PROGRAM 2021, 2022, 2023