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Our organisation is powered by volunteers – we couldn’t do it without them.

Passionate and skilled volunteers are key to connecting with communities. The vast majority of the CCA team are volunteers, who donate their time, knowledge and skills. CCA draws on a range of skilled volunteers to support our efforts, including engineers, builders, mechanics and electricians. To supplement them many of our other volunteers work in offices, run businesses, work in retail, hospitality and schools. The best teams are those that are most diverse in gender, ages, interest and skill sets. Geographically our teams have been drawn from one organisation or alternatively across three states. The key assets are to work hard, be passionate about the project, listen to those you are supporting and understand that things are likely to change during the project and be adaptable to change.  Importantly we also work closely with local volunteers as a function of each program creating stronger community engagement.

To be apart of our fantastic team, please get in touch.