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Saturday 5th September is International Day of Charity and it’s a day about celebrating all the great work that charities and nonprofits do for communities around the country and around the globe.

The world would look like a very different place without all the support of charities and nonprofits, and importantly, the people that commit their money, time and energy to assist. In Australia, charities and nonprofits harness the skills of around 3.7 million volunteers and provide employment to over a million people. With limited resources, non-profits usually run operations with tighter budgets and more constraints. They rely mainly on donations, grants and sponsorship and play an important role, responding to the needs of the community that aren’t addressed by mainstream services or systems.

Here at Connecting Communities Australia, our aim is to deliver needs-based support programs for rural, remote and Indigenous communities by providing professional field service teams, including volunteers, to repair and maintain essentials to rural communities.

Our programs aim to support community wellbeing, whilst delivering sustainable respite from the changing climate.

With the devastating bushfires that occurred in 2019 and 2020, so many people living in rural areas have been affected. Many have lost their livelihoods, their homes and some have even lost their loved ones. These communities have seen vital services and infrastructure destroyed with basic needs like water and sanitation facilities interrupted.

Connecting Communities Australia has visited a number of towns in rural Queensland and New South Wales, including Julia Creek, Kingaroy, Cloncurry, Nymagee, Goodooga and Bega Valley.

We spend time identifying the needs of farmers and the community, source skilled volunteers and partner with organisations to deliver programs that help rebuild, repair and reconnect the community.

We have seen firsthand the positive impact of rural assistance, not only in the jobs that get done but also the conversations and connections that importantly support mental wellbeing in the bush. Creating these opportunities to socialise and come together for a common cause is wonderful relief for farmers and members of the community.

Connecting Communities Australia would like to extend a big thank you to the donors, volunteers and everyone who has helped us, help them. We celebrate International Day of Charity with all of you!

If you’d like to support us, please make a donation through our website or simply share this post to help us spread the word.

Happy International Day of Charity!


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