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We're about connection.

Connecting skilled volunteers with communities in need of a hand.
Connecting the dots between governments, corporate partners, and nonprofit entities to achieve tangible results.
Connecting resources to bespoke programs.
Connecting with people.

How it works

Our projects range from construction, restoration and revegetation efforts to providing practical, social, and emotional uplift.

We start by working with the community to identify what’s needed, then we source the resources – including skilled volunteers – to deliver programs that address those needs. Through all we do, we foster resilience and a sense of unity and connection.

The Schools Walking Together Program was born from that same desire to foster unity and build understanding by connecting with regional and remote First Nation communities. We offer an exchange program of sorts for students in Sydney to regional areas in Australia. By connecting students from different backgrounds, we can create a positive shift towards equality and understanding.

Does your community need a hand?

If your community is struggling to rebuild after a natural disaster, you want to be a part of our Schools Walking Together program or you have another need, please get in touch – we’d love to connect with you.

Why we do it

Across Australia, communities face the stark reality of insufficient essential services and infrastructure, compounded by the challenges of bushfires, droughts, floods, and enduring adverse effects. The resulting isolation and hardships contribute to mental health issues, a challenge exacerbated by the limited availability of mental health services. 

Our mission is to bridge these gaps left by generic, one-size-fits-all support programs by tailoring our efforts to respond precisely to the unique needs of each community we serve. By connecting with communities at their point of need, we can build strong, fairer, and more equitable communities across Australia.

Our projects

Isisford & Longreach Project
Bega Valley Project
Goodooga Program